"Decoro Fishing Supplies has been supplying gear and equipment to both commercial and recreational anglers for the past 20 years"
Based in Te Puke initially, Decoro Fishing Supplies moved to 149 Totara Street, Mt Maunganui, in 1992. As major suppliers to the Tauranga and Mt Maunganui commercial and recreational fishing fleet and visiting boats, the essence of Decoro Fishing Supplies business is service and convenience and expert knowledge. In September 2018 Decoro was purchased by Brian Grey and Ginny Moore who live locally. They have continued the focus on supporting the commercial, wholesale and retail sectors of the business. The product range has been increased significantly to match the changing needs of today's fishers.

Decoro was, at first, a maker of fishing nets and still retails a full range of recreational nets from standard to custom made. However, the use of nets commercial and recreational is less prevalent today. Other methods, particularly long-lining is more sustainable and produces a better quality of catch. Decoro imports commercial and recreational fishing gear and accessories from all around the globe and is one of New Zealands largest wholesalers of a wide range of products both locally and internationally.
With the fishing industry in New Zealand undergoing constant change, a substantial warehouse stocked with high quality and diverse product allows Decoro to be flexible and focus on end user requirements.

Decoro Fishing Supplies has every intention of continuing to be at the cutting edge of the industry, continuing to supply the right product at the right time for all those involved.