Decoro 25 Pack CL20 Longline Trace

  • Product Code: LLTRACE-11
  • U.O.M: 25pk
  • Price: $77.00 (GST Inc.)

Decoro - Longline Traces 25 Pack (CL20 Clip) These CL20 clips will grip the line without the need for stopper crimps. When a fish gets on, they will slide a bit, but they will hold fast while setting. 25 Inshore Longline traces Decoro Longline Traces 25 Pack (CL20 clip) FEATURES: * Tainawa Galv Longline hooks * All have full length Protective plastic tubing (helps avoid twisting onto Mainline) * 80lb Trace Material * 2 coloured beads on each trace * Swivels on clips * Approx 300mm long * CL20 Clip (for use with or without crimps) Made specifically for Kontiki and inshore longline use

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