JB Lures Chook - Skipjack

  • Product Code: LUCHK-SKJK
  • Price: $145.00 (GST Inc.)

Description. With a short stumpy profile the Chook range was designed for the short rigger and long corner, while the Big Chook is right at home on the short corner. A straight runner with a very busy action, since it hit the water in 1987 the Chook in the pink evil pattern has earned it self a legendary reputation with the records backing it up... it also has the First Grand Slam in the World in the New Millenium on its honour roll, three striped, a black and a blue (180kg) on the 3/1/2000 off Jervis Bay. Chook. Length - 12.5" 315mm. Tackle - 15kg - 60kg. Hook rig - single 10/0. Position - long corner, short rigger.

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