JB Lures Chopper - Green Evil

  • Product Code: LUCHP-GREV
  • Price: $155.00 (GST Inc.)

Description. Joining the JB stable in 1998 the Chopper has earned an enviable reputation as a big blue raiser and tournament winner, with more than $600,000.00 worth of trophies in Australia alone! A plunger style lure with a scalloped face the Chopper has a very pronounced and consistent wiggle that most blue marlin find irresistible but it is also very stable in rough and windy weather. The heaviest marlin ever caught off Wollongong/Kiama, a 338.4kg blue on 37kg was taken on an evil Chopper by Dave Jeffries aboard 'Fishaholic' on 6th April 2009. On March 16th 2013 'Anticipation' fishing the Kiama Canyons hooked a monster 450kg plus blue marlin on a green Chopper, busting it off after an epic 9hr battle on 37kg standup tackle! 3 days later Dave Venn pulled the hooks on a 350kg plus blue then jumped off a 300kg, both taking the green Chopper on the long corner. Chopper. Length - 13" 330mm. Tackle - 24kg - 60kg. Hook rig - single 10/0 or 11/0. Position - long corner, short rigger.

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