Jelly Babies 4.5" Black Aurora Twin Pack

  • Product Code: OAJBTP4.5BA
  • Price: $21.90 (GST Inc.)

These new assist-rigged Jelly Babies skirts are set to revolutionize the Slider market - so much so in fact, we went to the trouble and expense of putting a patent in place to protect their design! Built with durability in mind, these rigs will last and last and last, but also have an amazingly effective (and funky!) scent – and they are biodegradable, too. Talk about the perfect combination! Although a little bit more expensive than our other skirts, we believe the Jelly Babies’ exceptional durability and effectiveness still make them great value for money! Other features: You can’t have the best assist-rigged skirts on the market without including the best hooks available - that’s why we’ve gone for the Japanese-made Owners again. And, better still, we have incorporated tough hook-shank sleeves to protect the hook’s bindings, which are also scented, biodegradable, super tough and have extra UV added to increase the bite rate. Colours: Key Lime, Black Auroa, Orange Gold, Red Glitter & Pink Associated products: Ocean Angler Slider and Coin Drop lures (in fact, pretty much all slider and kabura- type lures!) On-the-water tips: Now you can take your Slider-type lures to the next level - just add a Jelly Babies assist rig to make them irresistible to a wide variety of prime fish species!

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