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DeCoro was, at first, a maker of fishing gill nets and still retails a full range of nets from standard to custom made throughout New Zealand. However, the use of nets commercial and recreational is less prevalent today, with other methods, particularly long-lining, producing a better quality of catch. DeCoro imports commercial and recreational fishing gear and accessories from all around the globe and is one of New Zealands largest wholesalers of a wide range of products to clients locally and as far afield as Australia and throughout the Pacific Islands.
With the fishing industry in New Zealand undergoing constant change, a substantial warehouse stocked with high quality and diverse product allows DeCoro to be flexible and focus on end user requirements. It is essential to fisherpeople, casual or professional, that equipment is reliable, supply is direct, efficient, and comes with good service.

DeCoro as a company is required to be up to speed with the constant changes in the fishing industry, by monitoring changing requirements and evaluating and sourcing the best new products at the best possible prices. An extensive showroom allows for a large range of product on display and serves as a retail store conveniently located for all clients.